Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Our trusty old series 2a 88" Land Rover failed its annual MOT test due to a worn out rear propeller shaft (replaced with new). Brakes that required new front wheel cylinders and new drums x4.

The other failure was RUST! Luckily the chassis was replaced eleven years ago with a new galvanized one. The problem was the reinforcing structure under the rear axle that had succumbed to the dreaded 'tin worm'.

Before we attacked with the angle grinder and slitting disc we measured it and reproduced it using CAD and made a prototype.

The stiffener was full of rust and mud when removed from the last 48 years!

 There followed a slight change of plans as it is impossible to clean up the axle casing next to the nearside spring mount.
We chose to take the axle off the vehicle as the other stiffener on the nearside was looking grim also.
The new part fitted well, just needed minimal grinding to get it close for welding.
 Both parts ready for welding.
Welded using MIG with 0.8 wire @ 150 amps.
All ready for the heavy lift.
We fitted it using a pair of our Stainless Brake Pipe Shields  B4L0057 and new nylock nuts to the u bolts.

All done and its passed its annual MOT test.
We have now got 25 of the large stiffener / renforcer's in stock. 

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